I didn't know anything about horse anatomy but i'd envisioned a scene with a half-decayed 'Ghost-horse'... I just didn't have the confidence to model such a thing...
...Until a student asked me to teach him how to draw---guess what animal???

--I drew the 'Horse-Man' creature to the left in order to explain that horses are not 'reverse-jointed'; their 'arms' and 'legs' bend the same way as a human(oid)'s---the difference is in the greater length of the horse's metacarpal and metatarsal bones

May 20 2006
Back to convert-able 'every-boat'

Framing the other side of the 'horse-transport' module.....as symmetrical as possible. 

It has taken about 6500 hair-pulling, Deity-cussing attempts to create the model you see here....
May 15 2006
September 30, 2006 
It was a tough summer----Car Accident (Car totalled but I was ok); Skateboard accidents downtown  (Skateboard ok but I was hurt); My business got hit with a Fire Inspection (very unreasonable orders to fulfill) which ruined the greater part of summer and fall for me in terms of time, energy and money...etc etc..

Nonetheless---I've created stuff to show ya'll:::
Mainly--my 3d-Human and my 3d-Ship:::
My humans are for the film as well as for my anatomy lessons...
They will also facilitate the completion of the storyboard---hitherto hand-drawn
Nov12, 2006
figuring out 'Cloth Properties'...this was hard--but now I'm very proud--!

Now I finally believe that I can resume the storyboard/screenplay this winter...

1-after the big sign for my school is done (it's an honour to represent my school so I want it to be great)

2-after I  paint a picture (ya--I have to go back to
Real-Artist mode now and then) of/for Music Boats Marina (see next pages of this diary for pictures of the invaluable help I've received from this marina owner).
<=== This is my Woman's 'Displacement Map'.   I built  her to be as low-poly as possible and then sculpted the DispMap for the anatomical form/detail.
It was  also necessary to create a Specular map; a BumpMap; a ColourMap, a 'Subsurface Scatter' diffuseMap (for more realistic human skin)..... etc

December 2006

  Byzantine roofs---this sample shows how I'm trying to use 'DisplacementMapping' so i can use lower-poly structures  (here the bottom roof has almost 4 times less geometry to worry about---way easier on the processor).
Here's a little basilica I also built during the holidays
Jan 16, 2007
Church Interiors--
   These capitals were
Heck to make;
crossvaults, roofs, etc are all done...
Wall paintings are next.......there's just no escaping painting...

...After the Byzantine buildings are roughed out, it'll be fun to make
Heaven according to the storyboard drawings; lots of the architecture from these churches can be used to set it up.........Conversely, a rough version of Gothic architecture will be used in Hell's staircase ...

I'm gettin sick of all this architecture---actually I'm sick of most computer modelling; Somebody take over here----someone who can animate too--
Feb5 2007
Back to modelling...Working hard--

This is about the last of the images that I can share, as the models are becoming more specialized; more storyline-specific.
And through it all, we must practice our Ollie. How is this relevant to a story about a 12th century crusade, you ask?
Well, I reply, Ye shall see--

By the way, I can only Ollie---and only barely---what I need is someone who can do a kickflip---for the final scene...
March 26, 2007
Having (somehow) created these characters and their clothes,  the end is in sight!

April 13 2007
Digging out hitherto hidden timbers in order to create the STUNTZONE!!
This stunt involves an axe connecting with a towertop......... I'll fill the  pit with haybags...

(I'm scared.)...
May 10, 2007
This structure will be both the bottom (with battering ram) and the top of the 1 : 1 scale seigetower. The red portion in the sketch stays the same; the yellow is temporary
May 11, 2007
Some Gothic work so far---
(the sculptures in the niches are the same created people shown below on this page)

This summer should be all about real-life-building-work but I can give some of my evenings to 3d modelling